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Items where Research Center is "CIRRELT - Interuniversity Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation"

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Audy, J.-F., D'Amours, S., & Rousseau, L.-M. (2008). Cost allocation in the establishment of a collaborative transportation agreement: An application in the furniture industry. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2008-50). External link

Bayart, C., Bonnel, P., & Morency, C. (2008, May). Survey mode integration and data fusion: Methods and challenges [Paper]. 8th International Conference on Survey Methods in Transport (ISCT 2008), Annecy, France. Unavailable

Benyamina, D., Hafid, A., & Gendreau, M. (2008, November). A Multi-Objective Optimization Model For Planning Robust and Least Interfered Wireless Mesh Networks [Paper]. 2008 IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (IEEE GLOBECOM 2008), New Orleans, LA, USA (6 pages). External link

Boivin, S., Gendron, B., & Pesant, G. (2008). A load balancing procedure for parallel constraint programming. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2008-32). External link

Bordenave, C., Gendreau, M., & Laporte, G. (2008). A branch-and-cut algorithm for the non-preemptive swapping problem. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2008-22). External link

Bordenave, C., Gendreau, M., & Laporte, G. (2008). A branch-and-cut algorithm for the preemptive swapping problem. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2008-23). External link

Bordenave, C., Gendreau, M., & Laporte, G. (2008). Heuristics for the mixed swapping problem. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2008-24). External link

Chauhan, S. S., Frayret, J.-M., & LeBel, L. (2008). Supply network planning in the forest supply chain with bucking decisions anticipation. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2008-16). External link

Cid Yanez, F., Frayret, J.-M., Léger, F., & Rousseau, A. (2008). Agent-based simulation and analysis of demand-driven production strategies in the lumber industry. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2008-02). External link

Crainic, T. G., Gendreau, M., & Potvin, J.-Y. (2008). Intelligent freight transportation systems: assessment and the contribution of operations research. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2008-40). External link

Forget, P., D'Amours, S., Frayret, J.-M., & Gaudreault, J. (2008). Performance analysis of multi-behaviour agents for supply chain planning. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2008-43). External link

Forget, P., Monteiro, T., D'Amours, S., & Frayret, J.-M. (2008). Collaborative agent-based negotiation in supply chain planning using multi-behaviour agents. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2008-54). External link

Gaudreault, J., Pesant, G., Frayret, J.-M., & D'Amours, S. (2008). ADS: An adaptive search strategy for efficient distributed decision making. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2008-49). External link

Lehoux, N., D'Amours, S., & Langevin, A. (2008). Dynamique des relations interentreprises : mécanismes, barrières et cas pratique. Revue Française de Gestion Industrielle, 27(4), 29-53. Available

Malapert, A., Guéret, C., Jussien, N., Langevin, A., & Rousseau, L.-M. (2008). Two-dimensional pickup and delivery routing problem with loading constraints. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2008-37). External link

Morency, C., & Trépanier, M. (2008). Characterizing parking spaces using travel survey data. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2008-15). External link

Tagmouti, M., Gendreau, M., & Potvin, J.-Y. (2008). A variable neighborhood descent for arc routing problems with time-dependent service costs. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2008-27). External link

Van Horne, C., Poulin, D., Landry, R., & Frayret, J.-M. (2008). Three actor view of academic-industry research centers: towards a taxonomy. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2008-06). External link

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