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Sun, S., Yang, D., Zhang, G., Sacher, E., & Dodelet, J.-P. (2007). Synthesis and Characterization of Platinum Nanowire-Carbon Nanotube Heterostructures. Chemistry of Materials, 19(26), 6376-6378. External link

Sun, S., Dodelet, J.-P., Yang, D., Zhang, G., & Sacher, E. (2007). Template-Free Synthesis of Self-Assembled 3D Pt Nanoflowers from Single-Crystal Nanowires and Their Electrocatalyst Properties. ECS Meeting Abstracts, MA2007-02(2), 87-87. External link


Tao, Y., Zhou, F., Wang, K., Yang, D., & Sacher, E. (2022). AgCu NP Formation by the Ag NP Catalysis of Cu Ions at Room Temperature and Their Antibacterial Efficacy: A Kinetic Study. Molecules, 27(20), 6951 (13 pages). External link


Yang, D., Sun, S., Meng, H., Dodelet, J.-P., & Sacher, E. (2008). Formation of a Porous Platinum Nanoparticle Froth for Electrochemical Applications, Produced Without Templates, Surfactants, or Stabilizers. Chemistry of Materials, 20(14), 4677-4681. External link


Zhou, F., Zhu, Y., Yang, L., Yang, D., & Sacher, E. (2022). Ag NP catalysis of Cu ions in the preparation of AgCu NPs and the mechanism of their enhanced antibacterial efficacy. Colloids and Surfaces a-Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 632, 127831 (12 pages). External link

Zhu, Y., He, Y., Li, Z., Zhang, J., Shen, T., Chen, Y., Yang, D., & Sacher, E. (2019). Synthesis of amorphous SiO₂ nanowires by one-step low temperature hydrothermal process. Materials Research Express, 6(11), 11 pages. External link

Zhang, G., Sun, S., Yang, D., Dodelet, J.-P., & Sacher, E. (2008). The Surface Analytical Characterization of Carbon Fibers Functionalized by H₂SO₄/HNo₃ Treatment. Carbon, 46(2), 196-205. External link

Zhang, G., Yang, D., & Sacher, E. (2007). Structure and Morphology of Co Nanoparticles Deposited Onto Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 111(46), 17200-17205. External link

Zhang, G., Yang, D., & Sacher, E. (2007). X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopic Analysis of Pt Nanoparticles on Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite, Using Symmetric Component Line Shapes. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 111(2), 565-570. External link

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