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Ji, S., Wang, Q., & Li, L. (2019). Seismic velocities, Poisson's ratios and potential auxetic behavior of volcanic rocks. Tectonophysics, 766, 270-282. External link

Ji, S., Wang, Q., Wang, Q., & Xu, Z.Q. (2007). Correlation between elastic properties and density for sulu-dabie UHP metamorphic rocks. Acta Petrologica Sinica, 23(12), 3054-3064. Unavailable

Ji, S., Wang, Q., & Xu, Z. (2007). Reply to the Comments of S. Karato on "Petrofabrics and Seismic Properties of Gamet Peridotites From the Uhp Sulu Terrane (China)" by Xu Et Al. [Tectonophysics 421 (2006) 111-127] [Discussion or Letter]. Tectonophysics, 429(3-4), 291-296. External link

Ji, S., Wang, Q., Xia, B., & Marcotte, D. (2004). Mechanical properties of multiphase materials and rocks: A phenomenological approach using generalized means. Journal of Structural Geology, 26(8), 1377-1390. External link

Ji, S., Wang, Q., & Xia, B. (2003). P-Wave Velocities of Polymineralic Rocks: Comparison of Theory and Experiment and Test of Elastic Mixture Rules. Tectonophysics, 366(3-4), 165-185. External link

Ji, S., Wang, Q., & Xia, B. (2002). Handbook of seismic properties of minerals, rocks and ores. Unavailable


Wang, Q., Bagdassarov, N., & Ji, S. (2013). The Moho as a transition zone: A revisit from seismic and electrical properties of minerals and rocks. Tectonophysics, 609, 395-422. External link

Wang, Q., Ji, S., & Xu, Z. (2007). Lattice-preferred orientation, water content and seismic anisotropy of olivine : implications for deformation environment of continental subduction zones. Acta Petrologica Sinica, 23(12), 3065-3077. Unavailable

Wang, Q., Ji, S., Salisbury, M. H., Xia, B., Pan, M.B., & Xu, Z. (2005). Pressure Dependence and Anisotropy of P-Wave Velocities in Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Rocks From the Dabie-Sulu Orogenic Belt (China): Implications for Seismic Properties of Subducted Slabs and Origin of Mantle Reflections. Tectonophysics, 398(1-2), 67-99. External link

Wang, Q., Ji, S., Xu, Z.Q., Salisbury, M. H., Xia, B., & Pan, M.B. (2005). Seismic Properties of Eclogites: Implications on Crustal Composition and Exhumation Mechanism of the Sulu Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Belt. Acta Petrologica Sinica, 21(2), 451-464. External link

Wang, Q., Lu, H.-F., Wang, L.-S., Xu, M.-J., Hu, D.-Z., & Ji, S. (2004). 2D gravity modeling and integrated interpretation of the Kuqa forland basin, Northwest China. Geological journal of China Universities, 10, 227-238. External link

Wang, Q. (2004). Seismic properties of polyphase rocks [Ph.D. thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal]. Available


Xu, Z., Wang, Q., Dong, H., Cao, H., Li, G., Liang, F., Rai, S. M., Kylander-Clark, A., Adhikari, S., & Ji, S. (2021). Middle Eocene-Oligocene anatexis and exhumation of the Greater Himalayan Sequence in central Nepal. Terra Nova, 33(6), 590-601. External link

Xu, Z., Yang, W., Ji, S., Zhang, Z., Yang, J., Wang, Q., & Tang, Z. (2009). Deep root of a continent-continent collision belt: Evidence from the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling (CCSD) deep borehole in the Sulu ultrahigh-pressure (HP-UHP) metamorphic terrane, China. Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling: Tectonophysics, 475(2), 204-219. External link

Xu, Z., Wang, Q., Ji, S., Chen, J., Zeng, L., Yang, J., Chen, F., Liang, F., & Wenk, H.-R. (2006). Petrofabrics and Seismic Properties of Garnet Peridotite From the Uhp Sulu Terrane (China): Implications for Olivine Deformation Mechanism in a Cold and Dry Subducting Continental Slab. Tectonophysics, 421(1-2), 111-127. External link

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