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Barletta, V., Herranz, E., Treaba, C. A., Mehndiratta, A., Ouellette, R., Mangeat, G., Granberg, T., Sloane, J. A., Klawiter, E., Cohen-Adad, J., & Mainero, C. (2021). Quantitative 7-Tesla Imaging of Cortical Myelin Changes in Early Multiple Sclerosis. Frontiers in Neurology, 12, 714820 (10 pages). External link


Eden, D., Gros, C., Badji, A., Dupont, S., Maranzano, J., Zhuoquiong, R., Liu, Y., Talbott, J., Bannier, É., Kerbrat, A., Edan, G., Labauge, P., Callot, V., Pelletier, J., Audoin, B., Rasoanandrianina, H., Valsasina, P., Filippi, M., Bakshi, R., ... Cohen-Adad, J. (2018, June). Spatial distribution of multiple sclerosis in the cervical cord [Poster]. Joint annual meeting ISMRM - ESMRMB, Paris, France. External link


Herranz, E., Giannì, C., Louapre, C., Treaba, C. A., Govindarajan, S. T., Ouellette, R., Loggia, M., Sloane, J., Madigan, N., Izquierdo-Garcia, D., Ward, N., Mangeat, G., Granberg, T., Klawiter, E., Catana, C., Hooker, J., Taylor, N., Ionete, C., Kinkel, R., & Mainero, C. (2017). Neuroinflammatory component of gray matter pathology in multiple sclerosis: a combined 7T and 11C-PBR28 MR-PET imaging study (P4. 371). Neurology, 88(16 Supplem). External link


Mangeat, G., Badji, A., Ouellette, R., Treaba, C. A., Herranz, E., Granberg, T., Louapre, C., Stikov, N., Sloane, J. A., Bellec, P., Mainero, C., & Cohen-Adad, J. (2018). Changes in structural network are associated with cortical demyelination in early multiple sclerosis. Human Brain Mapping, 39(5), 2133-2146. External link


Ouellette, R., Treaba, C. A., Granberg, T., Herranz, E., Barletta, V., Mehndiratta, A., De Leener, B., Tauhid, S., Yousuf, F., Dupont, S. M., Klawiter, E. C., Sloane, J. A., Bakshi, R., Cohen-Adad, J., & Mainero, C. (2020). 7 T imaging reveals a gradient in spinal cord lesion distribution in multiple sclerosis. Brain, 143(10), 2973-2987. External link

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