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Lerouge, S., Tabrizian, M., Wertheimer, M. R., Marchand, R., & Yahia, L. (2002). Safety of plasma‐based sterilization: Surface modifications of polymeric medical devices induced by Sterrad® and Plazlyte™ processes. Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering, 12(1), 3-13. External link

Lerouge, S., Guignot, C., Yagoubi, N., Ferrier, D., Tabrizian, M., & Yahia, L. (1999, April). Surface and bulk modification induced by gas plasma sterilization on electrophysiology catheters [Paper]. 25th Annual Meeting of the Society for Biomaterials and 31st International Biomaterials Symposium, Providence, RI, USA. Unavailable


Moreau, S., Tabrizian, M., Barbeau, J., Moisan, M., Leduc, A., Pelletier, J., Lagarde, T., Rohr, M., Desor, F., Vidal, D., & Yahia, L. (1999, July). Essential parameters for plasma sterilization [Paper]. International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gazes (XXIV ICPIG), Warsaw, Poland. Unavailable


Rhalmi, S., Odin, M., Assad, M., Tabrizian, M., Rivard, C. H., & Yahia, L. (1999). Hard, Soft Tissue and in Vitro Cell Response to Porous Nickel- Titanium: a Biocompatibility Evaluation. Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering, 9(3), 151-162. External link


Thierry, B., Tabrizian, M., Yahia, L., & Savadogo, O. (1999, August). Effect of sterilization processes on the ions release of NiTi alloy [Paper]. International Symposium on Shape Memory Alloys, Québec City, Québec, Canada. Unavailable

Trépanier, C., Leung, T. K., Tabrizian, M., Yahia, L., Bienvenu, J. G., Tanguay, J. F., Piron, D.-L., & Bilodeau, L. (1999). Preliminary Investigation of the Effects of Surface Treatments on Biological Response to Shape Memory Niti Stents. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, 48(2), 165-171. External link

Trépanier, C., Tabrizian, M., Yahia, L., Bilodeau, L., & Piron, D.-L. (1996, December). Improvement of the corrosion resistance of NiTi stents by surface treatments [Paper]. 1996 MRS Fall Symposium, Boston, MA, USA. External link

Tabrizian, M., Yahia, L., & Leroy, A. (1996, May). Mechanical and physico-chemical properties of synthetic LARS ligaments [Paper]. 1996 5th World Biomaterials Congress, Toronto, Can. Unavailable


Villermaux, F., Nakatsugawa, I., Tabrizian, M., Piron, D.-L., Meunier, M., & Yahia, L. (1996, December). Corrosion kinetics of laser treated NiTi shape memory alloy biomaterials [Paper]. MRS Fall Symposium, Boston, MA, USA. External link

Villermaux, F., Tabrizian, M., Yahia, L., Meunier, M., & Piron, D.-L. (1997). Excimer laser treatment of NiTi shape memory alloy biomaterials. Applied Surface Science, 109-110, 62-66. External link

Villermaux, F., Tabrizian, M., Meunier, M., Piron, D.-L., & Yahia, L. (1996, May). Laser treatment on NiTi shape memory alloy [Paper]. 5th World Biomaterials Congress, Toronto, Can. Unavailable

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