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Broseus, R., Vincent, S., Aboulfadl, K., Daneshvar, A., Sauve, S., Barbeau, B., & Prévost, M. (2009). Ozone oxidation of pharmaceuticals, endocrine disruptors and pesticides during drinking water treatment. Water Research, 43(18), 4707-4717. External link


Dion, L. A., Bouchard, M. F., Sauve, S., Barbeau, B., Tucholka, A., Major, P., Gilbert, G., Mergler, D., & Saint-Amour, D. (2016). MRI pallidal signal in children exposed to manganese in drinking water. Neurotoxicology, 53, 124-131. External link

Dussault, M., Becaert, V., François, M., Sauve, S., & Deschênes, L. (2008). Effect of Copper on Soil Functional Stability Measured by Relative Soil Stability Index (Rssi) Based on Two Enzyme Activities. Chemosphere, 72(5), 755-762. External link


Fayad, P. B., Roy-Lachapelle, A., Duy, S. V., Prévost, M., & Sauve, S. (2015). On-line solid-phase extraction coupled to liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry for the analysis of cyanotoxins in algal blooms. Toxicon, 108, 167-175. External link


Hajj-Mohamad, M., Aboulfadl, K., Darwano, H., Madoux-Humery, A. S., Guerineau, H., Sauve, S., Prévost, M., & Dorner, S. (2014). Wastewater micropollutants as tracers of sewage contamination: analysis of combined sewer overflow and stream sediments. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 16(10), 2442-2450. External link


Lemoine, P., Roy-Lachapelle, A., Prévost, M., Tremblay, P., Solliec, M., & Sauve, S. (2013). Ultra-Fast Analysis of Anatoxin-a Using Laser Diode Thermal Desorption-Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization-Tandem Mass Spectrometry: Validation and Resolution From Phenylalanine. Toxicon, 61, 165-174. External link


Maghsoudi, E., Fortin, N., Greer, C., Maynard, C., Page, A., Duy, S. V., Sauve, S., Prévost, M., & Dorner, S. (2016). Cyanotoxin degradation activity and mlr gene expression profiles of a Sphingopyxis sp. isolated from Lake Champlain, Canada. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 18(11), 1417-1426. External link

Martin, J., Beauparlant, M., Sauve, S., & L'Espérance, G. (2016). On The threshold conditions for electron beam damage of asbestos amosite fibers in the transmission electron microscope (tem). Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 13(12), 924-935. External link

Maghsoudi, E., Prévost, M., Duy, S. V., Sauve, S., & Dorner, S. (2015). Adsorption characteristics of multiple microcystins and cylindrospermopsin on sediment: Implications for toxin monitoring and drinking water treatment. Toxicon, 103, 48-54. External link

Maghsoudi, E., Fortin, N., Greer, C., Duy, S. V., Fayad, P., Sauve, S., Prévost, M., & Dorner, S. (2015). Biodegradation of multiple microcystins and cylindrospermopsin in clarifier sludge and a drinking water source: Effects of particulate attached bacteria and phycocyanin. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 120, 409-417. External link


Vo Duy, S., Fayad, P. B., Barbeau, B., Prévost, M., & Sauve, S. (2012). Using a novel sol-gel stir bar sorptive extraction method for the analysis of steroid hormones in water by laser diode thermal desorption/atmospheric chemical ionization tandem mass spectrometry. Talanta, 101, 337-345. External link

Viglino, L., Prévost, M., & Sauve, S. (2011). High throughput analysis of solid-bound endocrine disruptors by LDTD-APCI-MS/MS. Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 13(3), 583-590. External link

Viglino, L., Aboulfadl, K., Prévost, M., & Sauve, S. (2008). Analysis of Natural and Synthetic Estrogenic Endocrine Disruptors in Environmental Waters Using Online Preconcentration Coupled With LC-APPI-MS/MS. Talanta, 76(5), 1088-1096. External link

Viglino, L., Aboulfadl, K., Mahvelat, A. D., Prévost, M., & Sauve, S. (2008). On-Line Solid Phase Extraction and Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry to Quantify Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides and Some Metabolites in Wastewaters, Drinking, and Surface Waters. Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 10(4), 482-489. External link

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