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Ji, S., Shao, T., Salisbury, M. H., Sun, S., Michibayashi, K., Zhao, W., Long, C., Liang, F., & Satsukawa, T. (2014). Plagioclase preferred orientation and induced seismic anisotropy in mafic igneous rocks. Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth, 119(11), 8064-8088. External link


Xu, Z., Zheng, B., Ji, S., Cai, Z., Cao, H., Li, G., Chen, X., Xiang, H., & Liang, F. (2023). Genesis and exhumation of the Kongur-Muztaghata and Maeryang gneiss domes in NE Pamir since the Mesozoic. Solid Earth Sciences, 8(2), 123-145. Available

Xu, Z., Wang, Q., Dong, H., Cao, H., Li, G., Liang, F., Rai, S. M., Kylander-Clark, A., Adhikari, S., & Ji, S. (2021). Middle Eocene-Oligocene anatexis and exhumation of the Greater Himalayan Sequence in central Nepal. Terra Nova, 33(6), 590-601. External link

Xu, Z., Yang, W. C., Ji, S., Zhang, Z., Li, H., Liu, F., Zhang, J., Wu, C., Li, Z., & Liang, F. (2010). On the continental tectonics and dynamics of China. Acta Geologica Sinica, 84(1), 29 pages. External link

Xu, Z., Wang, Q., Ji, S., Chen, J., Zeng, L., Yang, J., Chen, F., Liang, F., & Wenk, H.-R. (2006). Petrofabrics and Seismic Properties of Garnet Peridotite From the Uhp Sulu Terrane (China): Implications for Olivine Deformation Mechanism in a Cold and Dry Subducting Continental Slab. Tectonophysics, 421(1-2), 111-127. External link

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