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Brochu, S., Hawari, J., Monteil-Rivera, F., Sunahara, G., Williams, L. R., Johnson, M. S., Simini, M., Kuperman, R. G., Eck, W. S., Checkai, R. T., Cumming, A. S., & Doust & Provatas, A. (2014). Assessing the Potential Environmental and Human Health Consequences of Energetic Materials: A Phased Approach. (Technical Report). Unavailable


Kuperman, R. G., Minyard, M. L., Checkai, R. T., Sunahara, G. I., Rocheleau, S., Dodard, S. G., Paquet, L., & Hawari, J. (2017). Inhibition of soil microbial activity by nitrogen-based energetic materials. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 36(11), 2981-2990. External link

Kuperman, R. G., Simini, M., Checkai, R. T., Dodard, S. G., Sarrazin, M., Hawari, J., Paquet, L., Sunahara, G. I., Di Toro, D. M., Allen, H. E., Kuo, D. T. F., & Torralba-Sanchez, T. L. (2016). Developing earthworm bioconcentration factors of nitrogen-based compounds for predicting environmentally significant parameters for new munition compounds in soil. Applied Soil Ecology, 104, 25-30. External link


Lotufo, G. R., Boyd, R. E., Harmon, A. R., Bednar, A. J., Smith, J. C., Simini, M., Sunahara, G. I., Hawari, J., & Kuperman, R. G. (2021). Accumulation of Insensitive Munition Compounds in the Earthworm Eisenia andrei from Amended Soil: Methodological Considerations for Determination of Bioaccumulation Factors. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 40(6), 1713-1725. External link


Philips, C. T., Kuperman, R. G., Chekai, R. T., Simini, M., Sunahara, G., & Hawari, J. (2015). Toxicity Determination for Five Energetic Materials Weathered and Aged in Soil to the Collembonal Folsomia Candida. (Technical Report n° ECBC-TR-1273). External link


Rocheleau, S., Martel, M., Bardai, G., Sarrazin, M., Dodard, S., Paquet, L., Corriveau, A., Hawari, J., Gong, P., Sunahara, G., Kuperman, R. G., Checkai, R. T., & Simini, M. (2005). Toxicity Of Nitro-Heterocyclic and Nitroaromatic Energetic Materials to Terrestrial Plants in a Natural Sandy Loam Soil. (Technical Report n° ECBC-TR-351). Unavailable

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