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Chaouki, J., Klvana, D., Pontier, T., & Belanger, G. (1991). Modélisation de la désactivation du catalyseur Pt-Sn/Al₂O₃ lors de la déshydrogénation du méthylcyclohexane. Chemical Engineering Journal, 46(3), 109-118. External link

Chaouki, J., Touzani, A., Klvana, D., Belanger, G., & Bournonville, J. P. (1988). Déshydrogénation du méthylcyclohexane sur le catalyseur industriel Pt-Sn/Al₂O₃. Revue de l'Institut français du pétrole, 43(6), 873-881. External link

Chavarie, C., Pajonk, G., Klvana, D., Chaouki, J., & Teichner, S. J. (1987, May). Hydrodynamic behavior of fluidized aerogels [Paper]. 37th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, Montréal, Québec. Unavailable

Chaouki, J., Chavarie, C., Klvana, D., & Pajonk, G. (1986). Étude de l'hydrogénation sélective du cyclopentadiène sur l'aérogel Cu/Al₂O₃ fluidisé. Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 64(3), 440-446. External link

Chaouki, J., Chavarie, C., Klvana, D., & Pajonk, G. M. (1986). Kinetics of the selective hydrogenation of cyclopentadiene on a CuAl₂O₃ aerogel catalyst in an integral plug flow reactor. Applied Catalysis, 21(1), 187-199. External link

Chaouki, J., Chavarie, C., Klvana, D., & Pajonk, G. (1985). Effect of interparticle forces on the hydrodynamic behaviour of fluidized aerogels. Powder Technology, 43(2), 117-125. External link


Kirchnerova, J., Klvana, D., Vaillancourt, J., & Chaouki, J. (1993). Evaluation of some cobalt and nickel based perovskites prepared by freeze-drying as combustion catalysts. Catalysis Letters, 21(1), 77-87. External link

Klvana, D., Chaouki, J., Perras, L., & Bélanger, G. (1992). Powder Catalyst for a New Hydrogenation Process for Aromatic Hydrocarbons. Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis, 73, 239-246. External link

Klvana, D., Chaouki, J., Repellin-Lacroix, M., & Pajonk, G. M. (1988, September). A new method of preparation of aerogel-like materials using a freeze-drying process [Paper]. 2nd International Symposium on Aerogels (ISA 2), Montpellier, France. Published in Journal of Physique Colloque, 50(C4). External link

Klvana, D., Chaouki, J., Lauga, C., Chavarie, C., & Kusohorsky, D. (1989, January). Study of the performance of fluidized Ni/SiO₂ aerogel for toluene hydrogenation [Paper]. 6th International Conference on Fluidization. Unavailable

Klvana, D., Chaouki, J., Kusohorsky, D., Chavarie, C., & Pajonk, G. M. (1988). Catalytic storage of hydrogen: Hydrogenation of toluene over a nickel/silica aerogel catalyst in integral flow conditions. Applied Catalysis, 42(1), 121-130. External link


Legros, R., Farand, P., Perrier, M., Bertrand, F., Dubois, C., & Klvana, D. (2015, October). Horizontal Integration of Core Courses in Chemical Engineering : 10 years after [Paper]. 65th CSChE Annual Meeting, Calgary, Alberta. Unavailable

Lauga, C., Chaouki, J., Klvana, D., & Chavarie, C. (1991). Improvement of the fluidisability of Ni/SiO₂ aerogels by reducing interparticle forces. Powder Technology, 65(1), 461-468. External link


Sapundzhiev, C., Chaouki, J., Guy, C., & Klvana, D. (1993). Catalytic combustion of natural gas in a fixed bed reactor with flow reversal. Chemical Engineering Communications, 125(1), 171-186. External link

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