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Seck, A., Fuamba, M., & Kahawita, R. (2019). Closure to "Finite-volume solutions to the water-hammer equations in conservation form incorporating dynamic friction using the Godunov scheme" by Aboudou Seck, Musandji Fuamba, and René Kahawita. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 145(2). External link

Seck, A., Fuamba, M., & Kahawita, R. (2017). Finite-volume solutions to the water-hammer equations in conservation form incorporating dynamic friction using the Godunov scheme. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 143(9), 12 pages. Available

Ndong, M., Bird, D., Nguyen Quang, T., Kahawita, R., Hamilton, D., de Boutray, M. L., Prévost, M., & Dorner, S. (2017). A novel Eulerian approach for modelling cyanobacteria movement: Thin layer formation and recurrent risk to drinking water intakes. Water Research, 127(Supplement), 191-203. External link

Yan, M., & Kahawita, R. (2007). Simulating the Evolution of Non-Point Source Pollutants in a Shallow Water Environment. Chemosphere, 67(5), 879-885. External link

Mohammadi, K., Eslami, H. R., & Kahawita, R. (2006). Parameter Estimation of an Arma Model for River Flow Forecasting Using Goal Programming. Journal of Hydrology, 331(1-2), 293-299. External link

Roubtsova, V., & Kahawita, R. (2006). The Sph Technique Applied to Free Surface Flows. Computers & Fluids, 35(10), 1359-1371. External link

Kahawita, R., & Wang, P. (2002). Numerical Simulation of the Wake Flow Behind Trapezoidal Bluff Bodies. Computers & Fluids, 31(1), 99-112. External link

Min, Y., & Kahawita, R. (2000). Modelling the fate of pollutant in overland flow. Water Research, 34(13), 3335-3344. External link

Tchamen, G. W., & Kahawita, R. (1998). Modelling Wetting and Drying Effects Over Complex Topography. Hydrological Processes, 12(8), 1151-1182. External link

Zhang, X. L., Nguyen, T. H., & Kahawita, R. (1997). Effects of anisotropy in permeability on the two-phase flow and heat transfer in a porous cavity. External link

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Zhang, X., & Kahawita, R. (1995). Ice-water convection in an inclined rectangular cavity filled with a porous medium. External link

Fan, Y., & Kahawita, R. (1994). A numerical study of variable density flow and mixing in porous media. Water Resources Research, 30(10), 2707-2716. External link

Wang, P., Kahawita, R., & Nguyen, D. L. (1994). Numerical simulation of Buoayancy-Marangoni convection in two superposed immiscible liquid layers with a free surface. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 37(7), 1111-1112. External link

Zhang, H., Youssef, H., Long, N. D., & Kahawita, R. (1992). A 1-D numerical model applied to dam-break flows on dry beds. Journal of Hydraulic Research, 30(2), 211-224. External link

Zhang, X., Nguyen, T. H., & Kahawita, R. (1991). Melting of ice in a porous medium heated from below. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 34(2), 389-405. External link

Sarraf, S., Kahawita, R., & Eljabi, N. (1988). 3‐D General Movable Mesh in Water Circulation Modeling. Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 2(2), 170-187. External link

Zhang, H., & Kahawita, R. (1987). Discussion of “ Aggradation and Degradation of Alluvial‐Channel Beds ” by Wilson F. Jaramillo and Subhash C. Jain (August, 1984, Vol. 110, No. 8). Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 113(2), 272-273. External link

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Wang, P., & Kahawita, R. (1983). Numerical integration of partial differential equations using cubic splines. International Journal of Computer Mathematics, 13(3-4), 271-286. External link

Sarraf, S., Perroud, M., & Kahawita, R. (1980). Instabilités convectives dans des jets pariétaux sur des parois courbées et chauffées. Transactions of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering, 6(3), 173-178. External link

Kahawita, R., & Meroney, R. (1977). The influence of heating on the stability of laminar boundary layers along concave curved walls. Journal of Applied Mechanics, Transactions ASME, 44(1), 11-17. External link


Roubtsova, V., Tchamen, G., Abdo, J., & Kahawita, R. A Coupled 1D to 2D Model for Flood Plain Simulation [Paper]. River Flow 2006. External link

Wang, P., Kahawita, R., Mokhtari, A., Phat, T. M., & Quach, T. T. (2006, June). Modelling breach formation in embankments due to overtopping [Paper]. 22nd ICOLD Congress, Barcelona, Spain. Unavailable

Tchamen, G. W., Kahawita, R., & Quach, T. T. A robust implementation of riemann solvers for one-dimensional flow simulation in natural rivers [Paper]. River Flow 2006. External link

Mohammadi, K., Mousavizadeh, M. H., & Kahawita, R. (2003, June). An experimental investigation of infiltrating an immiscible organic spill in a variably saturated soil [Paper]. 13th SPE Middle East Oil Show Conference, Bahrain. External link

Wang, P., & Kahawita, R. Modeling the Hydraulics and Erosion Process in Breach Formation Due to Overtopping [Paper]. Sedimentation and Sediment Transport. External link

Fredj, A., & Kahawita, R. (1997, August). Control volume finite element solution of multispecies contaminant plumes in variable density flow systems [Paper]. 1997 27th Congress of the International Association of Hydraulic Research, IAHR, San Francisco, CA, USA. Unavailable

Tchamen, G. W., & Kahawita, R. (1994, June). Numerical simulation of wetting and drying areas using Riemann solvers [Paper]. Specialty Conference on Modelling of Flood Propagation Over Initially Dry Areas, Milan, Italy. External link

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