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Grmela, M., Hong, L., Jou, D., Lebon, G., & Pavelka, M. (2017). Hamiltonian and Godunov structures of the Grad hierarchy. Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 95(3), 19 pages. External link

Grmela, M., Jou, D., Casas-Vázquez, J., Bousmina, M., & Lebon, G. (2004). Ensemble Averaging in Turbulence Modelling. Physics Letters A, 330(1-2), 54-64. External link

Grmela, M., & Jou, D. (1993). Extended kinetic theory. Journal of Mathematical Physics, 34(6), 2290-2316. External link


Jou, D., Casas-Vázquez, J., Lebon, G., & Grmela, M. (2005). A Phenomenological Scaling Approach for Heat Transport in Nano-Systems. Applied Mathematics Letters, 18(8), 963-967. External link


Lebon, G., Jou, D., & Grmela, M. (2017). Extended Reversible and Irreversible Thermodynamics: A Hamiltonian Approach with Application to Heat Waves. Journal of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics, 42(2), 153-168. External link

Lloyd, S., Bejan, A., Bennett, C., Beretta, G. P., Butler, H., Gordon, L., Grmela, M., Gyftopoulos, E. P., Hatsopoulos, G. N., Jou, D., Kjelstrup, S., Lior, N., Miller, S., Rubi, M., Schneider, E. D., Sekulic, D. P., & Zhang, Z. (2007, October). Discussion on “Frontiers of the Second Law” [Paper]. International Thermodynamics Symposium in Honor and Memory of Professor Joseph H. Keenan, Cambridge (Massachusetts). External link


Sykora, M., Pavelka, M., La Mantia, M., Jou, D., & Grmela, M. (2022). Response to "Comment on 'On the relations between large-scale models of superfluid helium-4'" [Phys. Fluids 34, 069101 (2022)]. Physics of Fluids, 34(6), 3 pages. External link

Sýkora, M., Pavelka, M., La Mantia, M., Jou, D., & Grmela, M. (2021). On the relations between large-scale models of superfluid helium-4. Physics of Fluids, 33(12), 17 pages. External link

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