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Ru, A., Jacob, D., Transfiguracion, J., Ansorge, S., Henry, O., & Kamen, A. A. (2010). Scalable Production of Influenza Virus in Hek-293 Cells for Efficient Vaccine Manufacturing. Vaccine, 28(21), 3661-3671. External link

Dormond, E., Meneses-Acosta, A., Jacob, D., Durocher, Y., Gilbert, R., Perrier, M., & Kamen, A. (2009). An efficient and scalable process for helper-dependent adenoviral vector production using polyethylenimine-adenofection. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 102(3), 800-810. External link

Nadeau, I., Gilbert, P. A., Jacob, D., Perrier, M., & Kamen, A. (2002). Low-Protein Medium Affects the 293SF Central Metabolism During Growth and Infection With Adenovirus. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 77(1), 91-104. External link

Nadeau, I., Jacob, D., Perrier, M., & Kamen, A. (2000). 293SF Metabolic Flux Analysis During Cell Growth and Infection With an Adenoviral Vector. Biotechnology Progress, 16(5), 872-884. External link


Kamen, A., Henry, O., Jacob, D., & Bernier, A. (2003, May). Successful development of a robust adenovirus production process primarily relies on a better understanding of packaging cell line physiology and vector replication kinetics [Paper]. 18th ESACT Meeting, Granada, Spain. External link

Nadeau, I., Henry, O., Jacob, D., Perrier, M., & Kamen, A. (2001, June). Effect of Medium Composition on the 293SF Central Metabolic Fluxes during Growth and Infection with Adenovirus [Paper]. 8th International Symposium on Computer Applications in Biotechnology (CAB8), Québec City, Qc. Unavailable

Nadeau, I., Jacob, D., Henry, O., Perrier, M., & Kamen, A. (2001, January). Enhanced adenovirus production by 293 cells using a low-protein medium: a metabolic flux analysis, modelling and control of biotechnological process [Paper]. 8th international conference on computer applications in biotechnology. External link

Nadeau, I., Gilbert, P. A., Jacob, D., Perrier, M., & Kamen, A. (2000, January). Effect of medium composition on the 293SF central metabolic fluxes during growth and infection with adenovirus [Paper]. Metabolic engineering III, Colorado Spring, Colorado. Unavailable

Desmarais, M. C., Verteuil, F. , Jacob, D., & Zwack, P. (1991, July). Combining a knowledge- based approach with numerical modeling in weather forecasting [Paper]. 11e Festival d'Avignon (Avignon 1991), Avignon, France. Unavailable

Desmarais, M. C., Verteuil, F. , Jacob, D., & Zwack, P. (1991, August). A meteorological database for numerical and non-numerical processing [Paper]. Dexa Conferences and Workshops, Berlin, Germany. External link

Desmarais, M. C., Verteuil, F. , Zwack, P., & Jacob, D. (1991, February). Stratus: a prototype expert advisory system for terminal weather forecasting [Paper]. 7th IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications, Miami Beach, Florida. External link

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