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Arrazola, J. M., Bergholm, V., Brádler, K., Bromley, T. R., Collins, M. J., Dhand, I., Fumagalli, A., Gerrits, T., Goussev, A., Helt, L. G., Hundal, J., Isacsson, T., Israel, R. B., Izaac, J., Jahangiri, S., Janik, R., Killoran, N., Kumar, S. P., Lavoie, J., ... Zhang, Y. (2021). Quantum circuits with many photons on a programmable nanophotonic chip. Nature, 591(7848), 54-60. External link


Helt, L. G., & Quesada, N. (2020). Degenerate squeezing in waveguides: a unified theoretical approach. Journal of Physics: Photonics, 2(3), 035001. External link


Quesada, N., Helt, L. G., Menotti, M., Liscidini, M., & Sipe, J. E. (2022). Beyond photon pairs: Nonlinear quantum photonics in the high-gain regime: a tutorial. Advances in Optics and Photonics, 14(3), 291-403. External link

Quesada, N., Helt, L. G., Izaac, J., Arrazola, J. M., Shahrokhshahi, R., Myers, C. R., & Sabapathy, K. K. (2019). Simulating realistic non-Gaussian state preparation. Physical Review A, 100(2), 022341. External link


Shahrokhshahi, R., Morrison, B., Collins, M. J., Helt, L. G., Quesada, N., Mahler, D. H., Tan, K., Vaidya, V. D., Repingon, A., Lavoie, J., Menotti, M., Pooser, R. C., Lita, A., Nam, S. W., Gerrits, T., & Vernon, Z. (2019, May). Beyond photon pairs: Nanophotonic photon number difference squeezing [Paper]. Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, San Jose, California. External link


Vaidya, V. D., Morrison, B., Helt, L. G., Shahrokshahi, R., Mahler, D. H., Collins, M. J., Tan, K., Lavoie, J., Repingon, A., Menotti, M., Quesada, N., Pooser, R. C., Lita, A. E., Gerrits, T., Nam, S. W., & Vernon, Z. (2020). Broadband quadrature-squeezed vacuum and nonclassical photon number correlations from a nanophotonic device. Science Advances, 6(39), eaba9186. External link

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