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Hammer, M. U., Forbrig, E., Kupsch, S., Weltmann, K.-D., & Reuter, S. (2013). Influence of Plasma Treatment on the Structure and Function of Lipids. Plasma Medicine, 3(1-2), 97-114. External link


Jablonowski, H., Hänsch, M. A., Dünnbier, M., Wende, K., Hammer, M. U., Weltmann, K.-D., Reuter, S., & von Woedtke, T. (2015). Plasma jet's shielding gas impact on bacterial inactivation. Biointerphases, 10(2), 029506. External link


Mureşan, M.-G., Campbell, A. C., Ondračka, P., Buršíková, V., Peřina, V., Polcar, T., Reuter, S., Hammer, M. U., Valtr, M., & Zajíčková, L. (2015). Protective double-layer coatings prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition on tool steel. Surface and Coatings Technology, 272, 229-238. External link


Tarabová, B., Lukeš, P., Hammer, M. U., Jablonowski, H., von Woedtke, T., Reuter, S., & Machala, Z. (2019). Fluorescence measurements of peroxynitrite/peroxynitrous acid in cold air plasma treated aqueous solutions. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 21(17), 8883-8896. External link

Tresp, H., Hammer, M. U., Weltmann, K.-D., & Reuter, S. (2013). Effects of Atmosphere Composition and Liquid Type on Plasma-Generated Reactive Species in Biologically Relevant Solutions. Plasma Medicine, 3(1-2), 45-55. External link


Vyhnankova, E. J., Hammer, M. U., Reuter, S., & Krcma, F. (2014, September). DC diaphragm discharge in water solutions of selected organic acids [Paper]. 14th International Symposium on High Pressure Low Temperature Plasma Chemistry (HAKONE 2014), Zinnowitz, Germany. Published in European Physical Journal Applied Physics, 71(2). External link


Winter, J., Hammer, M. U., Dünnbier, M., Tresp, H., Wende, K., Iseni, S., Masur, K., Weltmann, K.-D., & Reuter, S. (2013, June). Feed gas humidity versus ambient humidity - What matters more in plasma medicine and what makes cells care? [Abstract]. Abstracts IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science (ICOPS 2013), San Francisco, CA, USA (1 page). External link

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