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Kanabus-Kaminska, J. M., Hawari, J., Griller, D., & Chatgilialoglu, C. (1987). Reduction of silicon-hydrogen bond strengths. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 109(17), 5267-5268. External link

Hawari, J., Lesage, M., Griller, D., & Weber, W. P. (1987). Relative rate constants for the reactions of methylphenylsilylene. Organometallics, 6(4), 880-882. External link

Hawari, J., Griller, D., Weber, W. P., & Gaspar, P. P. (1987). Self-reaction of pentamethyldisilyl radicals: is dimethylsilylene a product? Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 326(3), 335-339. External link

Hawari, J., Gabe, E. J., Lee, F. L., Lesage, M., & Griller, D. (1986). Structure of bis(o-phenylenedioxy)dimethylsilane. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 299(3), 279-283. External link

Hawari, J., Griller, D., & Lossing, F. P. (1986). Thermochemistry of perthiyl radicals. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 108(12), 3273-3275. External link

Hawari, J., Engel, P. S., & Griller, D. (1985). Rate constants for the reactions of alkyl radicals with 1,4-cyclohexadiene. International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, 17(11), 1215-1219. External link

Burkey, T. J., Hawari, J., Lossing, F. P., Lusztyk, J., Sutcliffe, R., & Griller, D. (1985). The tert-butylperthiyl radical. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 50(24), 4966-4967. External link

Hawari, J., & Griller, D. (1984). 1,4,5,6-Tetraphenyl-2,3-benzo-7,7-dimethyl-7-silanorbornadiene: a photochemical source of dimethylsilylene. Organometallics, 3(7), 1123-1124. External link

Nazran, A. S., Hawari, J., Griller, D., Alnaimi, I. S., & Weber, W. P. (1984). Dimethylsilylene: its optical absorption spectrum and reaction kinetics. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 106(23), 7267-7268. External link

Book Section

Hawari, J., Kanabus-Kaminska, J. M., Wayner, D. D. M., & Griller, D. (1986). Substituent Effects on the Thermochemistry and Electrochemistry of Free Radicals. In Substituent Effects in Radical Chemistry (pp. 91-105). External link

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