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Haddad, E., Sprocq, S., Schue, L., Pimonov, V., Dolle, M., Martel, R., & Rochefort, A. (2023, May). Electronic and Vibrational Properties of Episulfide-Graphene Materials [Paper]. 243rd ECS Meeting, Boston, MA. External link


Li, H., Cabanas-Gac, F., Hadidi, L., Bilodeau-Calame, M., Abid, A., Mameri, K., Rigamonti, M. G., Rousselot, S., Dolle, M., & Patience, G. S. (2020). Ultrasound assisted wet media milling synthesis of nanofiber-cage LiFePO₄/C. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 68, 11 pages. External link


Martel, R., Sprocq, S., Haddad, E., Schue, L., Pimonov, V., Dolle, M., & Rochefort, A. (2023, May). Reaction of Elemental Sulfur at the Surfaces of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene [Paper]. 243rd ECS Meeting, Boston, MA. External link


Rigamonti, M. G., Chavalle, M., Li, H., Antitomaso, P., Hadidi, L., Stucchi, M., Galli, F., Khan, H., Dolle, M., Boffito, D. C., & Patience, G. S. (2020). LiFePO₄ spray drying scale-up and carbon-cage for improved cyclability. Journal of Power Sources, 462, 228103 (12 pages). External link


Sauriol, P., Li, D., Hadidi, L., Villazon, H., Jin, L., Yari, B., Gauthier, M., Dolle, M., Chartrand, P., Kasprzak, W., Liang, G., & Patience, G. S. (2019). Fe³⁺ reduction during melt-synthesis of LiFePO₄. Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 97(8), 2196-2210. External link

Seifitokaldani, A., Gheribi, A. E., Dolle, M., & Chartrand, P. (2016). Thermophysical properties of titanium and vanadium nitrides: Thermodynamically self-consistent approach coupled with density functional theory. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 662, 240-251. External link

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