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Abernathy, M., Amato, A., Ananyeva, A., Angelova, S., Baloukas, B., Bassiri, R., Billingsley, G., Birney, R., Cagnoli, G., Canepa, M., Coulon, M., Degallaix, J., Di Michele, A., Fazio, M. A., Fejer, M. M., Forest, D., Gier, C., Granata, M., Gretarsson, A. M., ... Yang, L. (2021). Exploration of co-sputtered Ta₂O₅–ZrO₂ thin films for gravitational-wave detectors. Classical and Quantum Gravity, 38(19), 40 pages. Available


Di Fronzo, A., Pirola, C., Comazzi, A., Galli, F., Bianchi, C. L., Di Michele, A., Vivani, R., Nocchetti, M., Bastianini, M., & Boffito, D. C. (2014). Co-based hydrotalcites as new catalysts for the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process. Fuel, 119, 62-69. External link


Previtali, D., Longhi, M., Galli, F., Di Michele, A., Manenti, F., Signoretto, M., Menegazzo, F., & Pirola, C. (2020). Low pressure conversion of CO2 to methanol over Cu/Zn/Al catalysts. The effect of Mg, Ca and Sr as basic promoters. Fuel, 274, 117804 (11 pages). External link

Pirola, C., Bianchi, C., Di Fronzo, A., Boffito, D. C., Di Michele, A., & Patience, G. S. (2013, April). Ultrasound and microwave assisted preparation of high Fe loaded supported catalysts for biosyngas Fischer-Tropsch conversion [Paper]. 245th ACS National Meeting and Exposition, New Orleans, Louisiana. Unavailable

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