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Chenite, A., Buschmann, M. D., Wang, D., Chaput, C., & Kandani, N. (2001). Rheological Characterisation of Thermogelling Chitosan/Glycerol-Phosphate Solutions. Carbohydrate polymer, 46(1), 39-47. External link

Chenite, A., Chaput, C., Wang, D., Combes, C., Buschmann, M. D., Hoemann, C. D., Leroux, J. C., Atkinson, B. L., Binette, F., & Selmani, A. (2000). Novel Injectable Neutral Solutions of Chitosan Form Biodegradable Gels in Situ. Biomaterials, 21(21), 2155-2161. External link

Chaput, C., Selmani, A., & Rivard, C. H. (1996). Artificial scaffolding materials for tissue extracellular matrix repair. Current Opinion in Orthopaedics, 7(6), 62-68. External link

Chaput, C., Selmani, A., Yahia, L., & Rivard, C.-H. (1996, May). Microbial polyesters as degradable biomaterials [Paper]. 1996 5th World Biomaterials Congress, Toronto, Can. Unavailable

Chaput, C., Assad, M., Yahia, L., Rivard, C. H., & Selmani, A. (1995). Cytotoxicity and hemolysis testing of microbial poly(hydroxybutyrate)-based copolymers in-vitro. Biomaterial-Living System Interactions, 3(1-2), 29-38. Unavailable

Chaput, C., Yahia, L., Landry, D., Rivard, C. H., & Selmani, A. (1995). Microbial pha polymers as culture surfaces for spinal ligament fibroblasts from scoliotic patients. Biomaterial-Living System Interactions, 3(1-2), 19-27. Unavailable


Desrosiers, É. A., Chaput, C., Rivard, C.-H., & Yahia, L. (1995). Differential response of patellar tendon, anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments fibroblasts submitted to combined growth factors stimulation. European Journal of Experimental Musculoskeletal Research, 4(1), 40-48. Unavailable


Jarry, C., Chaput, C., Chenite, A., Renaud, M. A., Buschmann, M. D., & Leroux, J. C. (2001). Effects of Steam Sterilization on Thermogelling Chitosan-Based Gels. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, 58(1), 127-135. External link


Rivard, C. H., Chaput, C., Rhalmi, S., & Selmani, A. (1996). Polyester biosynthétiques absorbables et régénération tissulaire : étude de la prolifération tridimensionnelle de chondrocytes et ostéoblastes ovins. Annales de chirurgie, 50(8), 651-658. Unavailable


Selmani, A., Chaput, C., Yahia, L., & Rivard, C.-H. (1996, May). Bioerodible polyester foams for orthopaedic tissue culture [Paper]. 1996 5th World Biomaterials Congress, Toronto, Can. Unavailable

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