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Cauchy, X. (2018). Approaching Typical Metallic Conductivities in Polymer Nanocomposites for Lightning Strike Protection [Ph.D. thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal]. Available

Cauchy, X., Sapieha, J.-E., & Therriault, D. (2018). Hybrid Carbon-Silver Nanofillers for Composite Coatings with Near Metallic Electrical Conductivity. Advanced Engineering Materials, 20(12). External link

Cauchy, X., Sapieha, J.-E., & Therriault, D. (2017). Synthesis of highly conductive, uniformly silver coated carbon nanofibers by electroless deposition. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9(34), 29010-29020. External link

Cauchy, X., Sapieha, J.-E., & Therriault, D. (2014, October). In-situ formation of conduction networks in highly conductive heterogeneous epoxy-silver composites [Paper]. Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX 2014), Orlando, Florida. Unavailable


P S M, R., Cauchy, X., Gagne, M., Sapieha, J.-E., Sirois, F., & Therriault, D. (2015, March). Wet chemical metallization of aerospace composites as a lightning protection strategy [Paper]. TMS 2015 Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Orlando, Florida. External link


Rajesh, P. S. M., Gagne, M., Cauchy, X., Sapieha, J.-E., Sirois, F., & Therriault, D. (2015, July). Lightning protection of wet metalized polymer composites [Paper]. 20th International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM 2015), Copenhagen, Denmark. External link


Wei, H., Cauchy, X., Navas, I. O., Abderrafai, Y., Chizari, K., Sundararaj, U., Liu, Y., Leng, J., & Therriault, D. (2019). Direct 3D Printing of Hybrid Nanofiber-Based Nanocomposites for Highly Conductive and Shape Memory Applications. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 11(27), 24523-24532. External link

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