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Aubertin, M., Mbonimpa, M., Bussiere, B., & Chapuis, R. P. (2003). A model to predict the water retention curve from basic geotechnical properties. External link


Benzaazoua, M., Bussiere, B., Demers, I., Aubertin, M., Fried, E., & Blier, A. (2008). Integrated Mine Tailings Management by Combining Environmental Desulphurization and Cemented Paste Backfill: Application to Mine Doyon, Québec, Canada. Minerals Engineering, 21(4), 330-340. External link

Bussiere, B., Aubertin, M., & Zhan, G. (2007). Design of inclined covers with capillary barrier effect. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, 25(6), 673-678. External link

Bussiere, B., Aubertin, M., Mbonimpa, M., Molson, J. W., & Chapuis, R. P. (2007). Field Experimental Cells to Evaluate the Hydrogeological Behaviour of Oxygen Barriers Made of Silty Materials. External link

Bussiere, B., Benzaazoua, M., Aubertin, M., & Mbonimpa, M. (2004). A Laboratory Study of Covers Made of Low-Sulphide Tailings to Prevent Acid Mine Drainage. Environmental Geology, 45(5), 609-622. External link

Bussiere, B., Aubertin, M., & Chapuis, R. P. (2003). The Behavior of Inclined Covers Used as Oxygen Barriers. External link


Calugaru, I. L., Neculita, C. M., Genty, T., Bussiere, B., Potvin, R., & Zagury, G. (2016, October). Effectiveness of thermally activated dolomite in Ni and Zn treatment from contaminated neutral drainage [Paper]. 16th International Symposium on Environmental Issues and Waste Management in Energy and Mineral Production (SWEMP 2016), Istanbul, Turkey. Unavailable


Deschamps, T., Benzaazoua, M., Bussiere, B., Aubertin, M., & Belem, T. (2008). Microstructural and Geochemical Evolution of Paste Tailings in Surface Disposal Conditions. Minerals Engineering, 21(4), 341-353. External link


Fala, O., Molson, J., Aubertin, M., Dawood, I., Bussiere, B., & Chapuis, R. P. (2013). A numerical modelling approach to assess long-term unsaturated flow and geochemical transport in a waste rock pile. International Journal of Mining, Reclamation and Environment, 27(1), 38-55. External link


Genty, T., Bussiere, B., Benzaazoua, M., & Zagury, G. (2012). Capacity of Wood Ash Filters to Remove Iron From Acid Mine Drainage: Assessment of Retention Mechanism. Mine Water and the Environment, 31(4), 273-286. External link


Lahmira, B., Lefebvre, R., Aubertin, M., & Bussiere, B. (2016). Effect of heterogeneity and anisotropy related to the construction method on transfer processes in waste rock piles. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 184, 35-49. External link

Li, L., Aubertin, M., Simon, R., Bussiere, B., & Belem, T. Modeling Arching Effects in Narrow Backfilled Stopes With Flac [Paper]. Flac and Numerical Modeling in Geomechanics. Unavailable


Molson, J., Aubertin, M., & Bussiere, B. (2012). Reactive transport modelling of acid mine drainage within discretely fractured porous media: Plume evolution from a surface source zone. Environmental Modelling and Software, 38, 259-270. External link

Molson, J., Aubertin, M., Bussiere, B., & Benzaazoua, M. (2008). Geochemical Transport Modelling of Drainage From Experimental Mine Tailings Cells Covered by Capillary Barriers. Applied Geochemistry, 23(1), 1-24. External link

Mbonimpa, M., Aubertin, M., & Bussiere, B. (2006). Predicting the Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity of Granular Soils From Basic Geotechnical Properties Using the Modified Kovacs (Mk) Model and Statistical Models. External link

Mbonimpa, M., Aubertin, M., Maqsoud, A., & Bussiere, B. (2006). Predictive Model for the Water Retention Curve of Deformable Clayey Soils. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 132(9), 1121-1132. External link

Mbonimpa, M., Aubertin, M., Aachib, M., & Bussiere, B. (2003). Diffusion and Consumption of Oxygen in Unsaturated Cover Materials. External link


Neculita, C. M., Zagury, G., & Bussiere, B. (2007). Passive Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage in Bioreactors Using Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria: Critical Review and Research Needs. Journal of Environmental Quality, 36(1), 1-16. External link


Ouangrawa, M., Molson, J., Aubertin, M., Bussiere, B., & Zagury, G. (2009). Reactive transport modelling of mine tailings columns with capillarity-induced high water saturation for preventing sulfide oxidation. Applied Geochemistry, 24(7), 1312-1323. External link

Ouellet, S., Bussiere, B., Aubertin, M., & Benzaazoua, M. (2008). Characterization of Cemented Paste Backfill Pore Structure Using Se and Ia Analysis. Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment, 67(2), 139-152. External link

Ouellet, S., Bussiere, B., Aubertin, M., & Benzaazoua, M. (2007). Microstructural Evolution of Cemented Paste Backfill: Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry Test Results. Cement and Concrete Research, 37(12), 1654-1665. External link

Ouellet, S., Bussiere, B., Mbonimpa, M., Benzaazoua, M., & Aubertin, M. (2006). Reactivity and Mineralogical Evolution of an Underground Mine Sulphidic Cemented Paste Backfill. Minerals Engineering, 19(5), 407-419. External link


Villeneuve, M., Bussiere, B., Benzaazoua, M., Aubertin, M., & Monroy, M. The Influence of Kinetic Test Type on the Geochemical Response of Low Acid Generating Potential Tailings [Paper]. Tailings and Mine Waste '03. External link

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